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Dyles Mavis-Point of no Return (iphone stories)

Dont Forget to watch Dyles Mavis video Point of no Return (iphone stories) under the Video’s tab NOW!


Dyles Mavis-Jammed Up & Jelly Tight! Available on Itunes & Amazon

Dyles Mavis-Jammed Up & Jelly Tight is NOW available on Itunes & Amazon! Follow the links below to get your copy today.




Music From Dyles Mavis!!!

Check out new music from Dyles Mavis! Leave a comment, tell us what you think.

Dyles Mavis-One Day

Dyles Mavis-Lovin You


DYLES MAVIS-Live Studio Performance of Hit Song “Microphone”

Check out Dyles Mavis performing live, in studio, their song “Microphone” with band. 

Dyles Mavis Live (with band) performs MICROPHONE


Dont Forget Dyles Mavis now playing on Earbits!!!

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Links to our songs:

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Dyles Mavis – Never Stop Loving You –
Dyles Mavis – Neva –
Dyles Mavis – Surreal –
Dyles Mavis – Microphone –
Dyles Mavis – Sunshine (Extended Mix) –
Dyles Mavis – Glasses –
Dyles Mavis – SHE’S COLD –
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